Emergency aid: Dataprev tries to explain fraud | Brazil

Amid the delayed issuance of Emergency Aid and some cases of improper money recipients, Dataprev said they need to improve data cross-checking. In communication, the company responsible for analyzing who will receive the money has highlighted the scope of operations and indicated that some of the official data is out of date, which opens the … Read more

Pac-Man Re-created by Nvidia’s AI on 40th Anniversary | Application and software

Nvidia announced on Friday (22) that it has managed to recreate Pac Man, from scratch and with only four computers trained with artificial intelligence, is called GameGAN. The American company’s creation has its own motives and comes after thousands of hours of viewing the original game, celebrating its 40th anniversary this month. The idea was … Read more

Government Raised R $ 65 billion with the telecom sector in 2019 | Telecommunication

THE SindiTelebrasil, a union representing telecom operators in Brazil, found that users of pay TV, internet and telephone services R $ 65.4 billion tax on the public treasury in 2019. This value represents a record in 20-year collection and an increase of R $ 2.6 billion when compared to the previous year. Nearly half of … Read more

Record: Researchers make internet connection reach 44.2 Tb / s | Telecommunication

Don’t look at your modem in disdain right now, but know that, no matter how fast your internet rental rate is, a class in Australia has surpassed it: in one test, the Researchers from Monash, Swinburne and RMIT universities have connected with gaining rate in 44.2 Tb / sec (terabits per second) in data transmission. … Read more

Microsoft’s patience turns 30 with 35 million players | Game

This Friday (22) tick Celebrating 30 years of one of the most popular games in Microsoft: Patience (or in English, Solitaire). According to the companyThe game is currently available in 65 languages ​​and hits a record 35 million players per month worldwide – more than 100 million hands are played daily. Initially launched as Windows … Read more

Microsoft SwiftKey brings new keyboard emojis for Android | Application and software

Microsoft has released a new version of the SwiftKey keyboard, which supports version 12.0 of emojis, runs for Android 10 users and also shows more goodwill than who owns the app, which is Microsoft. and who purchased SwiftKey in February 2016. If you haven’t used the keyboard yet and will download it for the first … Read more

TB Community # 018: Instagram, YouTube Music, Spotify, Vivo and more | Tecnoblog

Have you ever thought about changing your music streaming service? The problem was the same as when they started gaining popularity: the migration of music catalogs. Detachable people can change easily, on the other hand, those who have spent a lot of time organizing playlists and artists with legitimate resistance. YouTube Music is an alternative … Read more