JingOS is a Chinese Linux distro inspired by the iPad | Application and software

If there’s one thing the Linux ecosystem does well, it’s creativity. O JingOS is proof of that. Chinese origin and Ubuntu based, this one Linux distribution differs from the others in that it offers an interface and inspired features iPadOS. The aim is to allow Linux users to have an optimized touch screen experience. JingOS … Read more

JBL Tune 215TWS phone with 25 hours of battery life is launched in Brazil | Tool

JBL announced on Monday (18) the arrival of JBL Tune 215TWS to Brazil. The battery-powered headphones guarantee up to 25 hours of playback time, 5 hours with headphones and 20 hours when using the charging case. In addition, the device also features JBL PureBass technology, to deliver more bass and has Bluetooth 5.0. JBL Tune … Read more

Cyberpunk 2077 has an “almost completely fake” demo at E3 2018 | Game

Cyberpunk 2077 Having more internal development issues than you might think – at least that’s what a new report is published in Bloomberg shown. The original text by Jason Schreier, a prominent investigative journalist in the industry, goes further by mentioning that the game’s demo for E3 2018 was “almost completely false”. Cyberpunk 2077 crashed … Read more

After Twitter banned Trump, number of posts with false information decreased 73% | Internet

The decision to ban Donald Trump has had a significant impact on social media. A week after the US President was blocked from Twitter, 73% of posts with false information about the US election fell 73%. This is what points out to Zignal Labs, which has analyzed the allegations of fraud in election disputes, which … Read more

Apple starts selling AirPods Max headphones in Brazil | Tool

Headphone AirPods Max were launched in Brazil on Monday: they feature active noise cancellation, spatial sound, a digital crown similar to the Apple Watch, and deeper integration with iPhones, iPads, and Macs. The price is high and, like the company’s other devices, there’s no charger in the box. AirPods Max (Image: Press release / Apple) … Read more

World’s Largest Crypto Manager Break Daily Fund Raising Record | Finance

Grayscale, the world’s largest crypto asset management company, broke a daily record for investment value last Friday (15), raising around $ 700 million. Cryptocurrency fund CEO Michel Sonneschein said the company this year has seen an increase in demand for digital assets, particularly bitcoin (BTC) and so-called altcoins. alternative number). Cryptocurrencies (photo: WorldSpectrum / Pixabay) … Read more

Ubuntu 21.04 will have the required security feature in 2006 | Application and software

O Ubuntu 21.04, the next version of Linux distribution for Conformity, which will resolve old complaints from multiple users: the setting that allows, by default, any system accounts to access folders created by other users, will no longer exist. Ubuntu 20.04 (Image: Reveal / Canonical) The first complaint about this configuration dates back to 2006. … Read more

Google Brasil brings together searches for vaccines against COVID-19 in new portal | Congratulations

THE vaccination COVID-19 has finally started in Brazil, first in São Paulo on Sunday (17) and in other states today. O Google created a new page that brings together major searches for the new coronavirus vaccine, including Anvisa’s CoronaVac approval. Google’s vaccine portal (Image: Copy) The Google portal has several tables with different types of … Read more

Google and Facebook will agree to compete less in advertising | Business

One of the lawsuits against Google in the US alleges the company worked with Facebook to reduce competition in the internet advertising market. Documents created by attorney general in 10 US states show that Mark Zuckerberg’s company used other companies to join a coalition created by the search giant. Google Chrome (Image: Nathana Rebouças) According … Read more