Facebook Workplace is the Messenger Room for work | Internet

THE Facebook announced Work room This Thursday (21). The new tool brings Messenger Rooms to professional social networking and allows Workplace users to make voice and video calls with up to 50 participants, as well as Facebook Messenger. Office drinks from the source of the Messenger Room. Videoconferencing tool Facebook Workplace creates virtual meeting rooms … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 must have S20 inspired camera module | Mobile phone

If pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19) doesn’t interfere, it’s possible Samsung advertisement Galaxy Note 20 (assuming the name will be so) in August. Not coincidentally, the rumors about cell phones had already started popping up. Some suggest that this model will have rear camera module similar to Galaxy S20. A CAD drawing was leaked via the website … Read more

OnePlus joined Xiaomi for Android features similar to AirDrop | Mobile phone

Many companies have joined Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo to develop alternative to AirDrop for Android. The initiative, which now relies on the participation of OnePlus, Realme, Black Shark and Meizu, aims to develop a file sharing system between mobile phones without relying on wires and at high speed, as well as features Apple’s. Details of … Read more

STF adjourned the ruling on blocking WhatsApp; PGR against | Law

THE STF (Supreme Federal Court) planned to hear two cases this week on the legality of the required court order. Block messaging apps. Case analysis was postponed until next Wednesday (27). The Attorney General’s office has spoken out against blocking WhatsApp in Brazil. ADPF 403 (Argument for Non-Compliance with Basic Precepts) was filed with the … Read more

Tinder to test Global mode other than Passport | Application and software

THE Tinder announced on Thursday (21) that it will begin testing Global mode. This function allows users to meet new people around the world without having to leave their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic, a disease caused by the new coronavirus. This tool will be available to everyone over the coming months. Tinder’s Global Mode … Read more

Emergency aid: Dataprev tries to explain fraud | Brazil

Amid the delayed issuance of Emergency Aid and some cases of improper money recipients, Dataprev said they need to improve data cross-checking. In communication, the company responsible for analyzing who will receive the money has highlighted the scope of operations and indicated that some of the official data is out of date, which opens the … Read more

Pac-Man Re-created by Nvidia’s AI on 40th Anniversary | Application and software

Nvidia announced on Friday (22) that it has managed to recreate Pac Man, from scratch and with only four computers trained with artificial intelligence, is called GameGAN. The American company’s creation has its own motives and comes after thousands of hours of viewing the original game, celebrating its 40th anniversary this month. The idea was … Read more

Government Raised R $ 65 billion with the telecom sector in 2019 | Telecommunication

THE SindiTelebrasil, a union representing telecom operators in Brazil, found that users of pay TV, internet and telephone services R $ 65.4 billion tax on the public treasury in 2019. This value represents a record in 20-year collection and an increase of R $ 2.6 billion when compared to the previous year. Nearly half of … Read more