Apple’s M1 chip left Microsoft’s Surface Pro X ashamed of running Windows 10 on a much faster ARM

Windows 10 on ARM actually runs faster – a lot faster – on Apple’s new ARM-based M1 chip than on Microsoft’s rival Microsoft’s ARM SQ2 CPU, which supports the Surface Pro X. This achievement was achieved by developer Alexander Graf (as discovered by Check out the manual), who tweeted quite long about the results and … Read more

Bloomberg improves JavaScript with an open source project from Microsoft

Developers at the financially major Bloomberg manage more than 50 million lines of JavaScript code across their various products. When the company decided it needed something more efficient, it turned to an open-source language from the closed-source proprietary software champion, Microsoft. Software giant Redmond announced the TypeScript language in 2012 as a superset of JavaScript. … Read more

This is the cheapest AMD Ryzen laptop on Electronic Monday but it has one big flaw

Gateway AMD Ryzen laptop – $ 279.00 from WalmartGateway was very close to nailing it with this affordable laptop, powered by AMD Ryzen. The machine boasts good specs, a fingerprint scanner, and smart aesthetics, but less system memory than we’d like.View transaction The GWTN141-2GR Currently the most affordable AMD Ryzen on the market right now, … Read more

Electronic Second Computer Offer: This cheap AMD Ryzen desktop is the best value computer under $ 380

If you are having a great computer deal on Electronic Monday, then check out the deal Banggood has on MinisforumMini DMAF5 Desk, is currently at $ 378.25 when using the BGDMAF5 code at checkout. That’s a discount close to $ 315 or a drop of nearly 46%. This is home to a powerful quad-core AMD … Read more

The modern data cataclysm – are you sinking or swimming?

Data has never been more important to businesses. This is the most valuable form of modern currency. A world powered by intelligent data insights drive connected cities, influence business decisions in real time, and execute every interaction of customers, individuals and individual. However, out of this enormous amount of data, most organizations either are either … Read more

The Raspberry Pi 400 isn’t the only keyboard computer with a Raspberry Pi inside

An open source development kit that houses the Raspberry Pi CM3 + Lite inside the keyboard chassis, quite similar to the Raspberry Pi 400, is available for pre-order. Named as DevTermThe upcoming device is a more complete all-in-one PC than the Raspberry Pi 400, as it comes with a built-in display and a number of … Read more