PC players will not need to repurchase Hitman 2 to unlock Hitman 3 levels

Developers Hitman 3, IO Interactive, and Epic have released an official statement to assure gamers that they will not be required to purchase Hitman 2 on the Epic Game Store to unlock additional missions and locations. . Before that, just five days before the game’s release date it was announced that an access card was … Read more

The Intel Rocket Lake leak suggests that the Core i9-11900K could be discounted to compete with AMD

Intel’s next-generation Rocket Lake processors are likely to launch in March, with prices for the range just revealed by one European retailer. Now, we should be clear in advance that we need great help of seasoning with this, as the retailer in question from Belgium is not the one we are familiar with. However, with … Read more

2021 best mobile payment app: for contactless payments

The best mobile payment apps make it easy to make and send payments with your smartphone. The best mobile payment applications Contactless payment mobile apps have become popular since Near Field Communication (NFC), which turns personal smartphones into an equivalent payment card. Just like contactless credit and debit cards, though, mobile payments have their limitations … Read more

Microsoft Edge for the Mac Apple M1 is coming to an incredible end

Since the launch of Apple’s custom M1 chip, latest features MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, software developers are rushing to deliver native builds on the new silicon. Recompiled it Office 365 to run on new Apple devices, Microsoft has turned its attention to its flagship web browser, Edge. After a dedicated M1 version was released … Read more

Facebook Messenger will warn about phishing and fake profiles | Antivirus and security

WhatsApp is the most targeted service for malicious actions, but by users Facebook message Not immune to the problem. That’s why Facebook announced a feature that warns about the possibility that a profile could be fake or related to phishing attempts. It is not easy to identify accounts that could put legitimate users at risk. … Read more

Facebook Penalized in Canada for False Privacy Statement | Internet

Facebook has been fined by Canada’s competition authority for not guaranteeing the privacy it promised its users. The Competition Bureau concluded that the company made “false or misleading allegations about the privacy of personal information” and therefore decided to fine it $ 9 million (about $ 36 million). Canada). According to the authorities, Facebook hinted … Read more

Minecraft Dungeons and Cities: Skylines appears on Xbox Game Pass | Game

Registration service Xbox Game Pass there are new games available: both on PC and console, users will be able to download them Minecraft Dungeons, Alan Wake and Cities: Skyline There are no additional costs. In addition, existing customers can play Red Dead Redemption 2 on Xbox One, Halo 2: Celebration on Windows 10 and Final … Read more

Facebook has a home office plan for thousands of employees | Business

Many Facebook employees are expected to continue with the home office even after the new coronavirus pandemic, which caused COVID-19 has ended. In a statement posted on his personal page on Thursday (21), Mark Zuckerberg said that over a five to 10 year period, half of employees will accept working remotely. According to the CEO, … Read more