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Ironically, a Chinese company is the victim of … Chinese piracy. But that’s what happens to Xiaomi. The company recently revealed that they have discovered a manufacturing plant fake headphones of line Mi Bluetooth.

Fake Bluetooth headset Mi - box

In a note posted on social media WeiboXiaomi said it received a report in March warning about a mass marketing fake Mi Bluetooth headset online.

In what appeared to be a mediated action with law enforcement, from there, the company was able to trace the origin of the fake products: they were manufactured at a factory in Shenzhen , a city in Guangdong province that is sometimes referred to as the “Silicon Valley of China”.

When the factory was discovered, a batch with more than a thousand fake Mi headphones was found in the same packaging as the original product. There are also units during production.

Fake Mi Bluetooth Headset

In addition to product seizures and factory shutdowns provided by the authorities, Xiaomi is currently trying to punish those responsible for product piracy.

But, for sure, this action won’t be enough to solve the problem. Xiaomi has become a widely recognized brand name in many parts of the world, especially because it often charges attractive prices for its products.

Not surprisingly, this popularity attracts the attention of criminals. It is not difficult to find fake headphones, watches and even cell phones. Usually, the user only realizes that the product is not original after using it and notices that it is not of the expected quality.

Fake Mi Bluetooth Headset - Factory

To avoid problems, Xiaomi recommends that the devices of this brand be purchased only through official or authorized channels.

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