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THE Netflix had the best quarter in history and reached 183 million subscribers by the end of March; however, some of these customers are no longer using the streaming service. Therefore, the company will send a notice asking if they want to continue the payment or not; If they do not respond, the subscription will be canceled.


Netflix will notify customers via email and notification

There are two instances where Netflix will notify users:

  • if the customer signed a year ago and didn’t see anything;
  • if the customer is older and has not seen anything in the past two years.

The company will send email and app notifications on Android and iOS starting this week, asking these people if they want to continue signing up; If they do not respond, the service will be automatically canceled.

This will affect less than 0.5% of Netflix subscribers. Eddy Wu, head of product innovation, explains: “Our financial sector takes them into account when calculating our revenues. in a statement.

However, 0.5% of the 183 million subscribers are plentiful: this means 915,000 are paying without a streaming service.

If you want to re-enable your Netflix subscription, you don’t need to create another profile: your historical information, profile, and interests are only deleted 10 months after cancellation; This rule applies to everyone.

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