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THE Google announced new accessibility features on Thursday (21). Called “Accessible Locations”, Google map will mark wheelchair locations in the map application. This function will be available for Android and iOS (iPhone).

In addition to Google Maps, Google also introduces a new app and enhancements to existing accessibility apps for mobile phones. Android. The news was revealed on the company’s blog in World Accessibility Awareness Day.

Google Maps will mark wheelchair-accessible locations (Image: Disclosure / Google)

“Locations accessible” makes it easier to access information on Google Maps. According to Google, the feature will show whether an attraction, store, restaurant, and the like is accessible before the user moves to that location.

“When“ Accessible Places ”is activated, the wheelchair icon indicates accessible entrance and you can see if a place has a seat, restroom or parking space available. or not. If it is confirmed that a place has no entrance, we will also display this information on Google Maps, ”he explained.

This functionality will be available in Android and iPhone apps. To use this feature, you need to enable this feature in Google Maps settings:

  1. Open the Google Maps app on your phone and go to settings;
  2. Go to the option “Accessibility” (“Acessibilidade”, free translation);
  3. After that, activate the “Locations accessible” feature.

The tool will initially be released in Australia, the United States, Japan, and the UK. According to Google, resource availability in other countries is “on the rise”.

Google announces accessibility features for Android

Still on Thursday (21), Google revealed new accessibility features for Android, such as the Action Block app and improvements in Instant Transcription and Sound Amplifier.

Action Blocks adds action blocks to your phone’s home screen. This tool allows users to make calls and access resources more quickly and easily. App available for Android 5.0 onwards (

The live version has received new features. In addition to extending language support, the voice recognition app will allow users to add terms for places and objects and set their phones to vibrate when someone says their name. Update, available on Google Play Store (, also makes it easier to find previous chats.

Google has also announced improvements to Sound Amplifier. From now on, the smartphone audio enhancement app is also compatible with Bluetooth headsets. The app can now be downloaded on phones running Android 6.0 and up (

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