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THE Facebook announced Work room This Thursday (21). The new tool brings Messenger Rooms to professional social networking and allows Workplace users to make voice and video calls with up to 50 participants, as well as Facebook Messenger.

Facebook office (Photo: Disclosure / Facebook)

Office drinks from the source of the Messenger Room. Videoconferencing tool Facebook Workplace creates virtual meeting rooms directly through social networks where video conferencing can be held with up to 50 people and without time limit.

“We are taking the same technology as the Messenger Rooms ad recently and adapting it for companies, turning collaboration into video for companies,” Facebook said.

The operation is similar to Messenger Rooms. Users will be able to initiate video calls through feed, groups and social messenger. The tool will also allow participants to be seen at the same time, thanks to the grid view.

To use the Office, you must have a corporate social media account. This tool, however, will only be available from March. Facebook also promised to release the service for free to Workplace users starting December.

In addition to video calling services, other news, such as Live Producer and Live Q&A, was introduced by social media on Thursday (21). According to Facebook, Workplace surpassed 5 million paid users in the first quarter of 2020.

With information: Facebook, Engadget and The next web

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