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WhatsApp is the most targeted service for malicious actions, but by users Facebook message Not immune to the problem. That’s why Facebook announced a feature that warns about the possibility that a profile could be fake or related to phishing attempts.

It is not easy to identify accounts that could put legitimate users at risk. What Facebook does, basically, is to analyze a series of parameters to detect suspicious activity, such as sending a large number of messages over a short period of time or multiple requests to users under 18. year old.

Warning about suspicious contacts on Facebook Messenger

When suspicious activity is detected, Facebook Messenger displays a corresponding warning at the top of the conversation window. For example, if the account has the same or similar name as a real contact, the messenger will announce that you are not chatting with the friend.

An alert can also be displayed if the contact is suspected of asking for money, for example. For this, the scammer can turn to an acquaintance claiming to be facing an emergency situation.

Also avoid, as much as possible, Facebook Messenger is used to inappropriately reach minors under the age of 18. According to the company, this warning educates this subject carefully when it comes to contact with adults.

Note that the new feature warns the user, but does not prevent notified chats from taking place. This is probably due to the possibility of misbranded legal contacts as suspected.

In all cases, the alert allows the user to block or report a profile that represents a hazard.

With information: TechCrunch.

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