Emergency aid: Dataprev tries to explain fraud | Brazil

Amid the delayed issuance of Emergency Aid and some cases of improper money recipients, Dataprev said they need to improve data cross-checking. In communication, the company responsible for analyzing who will receive the money has highlighted the scope of operations and indicated that some of the official data is out of date, which opens the hole for fraud.

Emergency relief

“This is an unprecedented activity and its improvement needs to be done in the process, given the urgent situation,” Dataprev said. The company also explains that, since the data may be outdated, “sometimes [de inconsistĂȘncias] is likely to occur during an activity of this level ”.

“The federal bases cannot immediately reflect the current situation of the people and, moreover, they are managed by a number of different agencies and created to serve purposes different from the present,” he said. continue.

Location is revealed after Global note that college students, civil servants and the military have received an excessive R $ 600 grant. They were approved to be paid by ignoring family income data.

The report indicates that Dataprev only analyzes the person’s CPF to find out if he has filed an Income Tax with an income above R $ 28,500, which would prohibit the disclosure of the grant. It is necessary to check whether the person requesting aid is registered as a dependent on another claim. As a result, children and spouses of high-income families were able to receive Emergency Aid.

Outdated databases allow fraud

In the server case, the error is caused by the Annual Social Information List (Rais), on which public and private sector workers are registered. As it expired in one year, Rais does not determine who becomes public servant in 2019. Additionally, it does not appoint retired and inactive staff of states and municipalities.

The Department of Defense has identified about 73,000 military personnel who received the money illegally, in a movement amounting to R $ 43.9 million. The Federal Accounts Court (TCU) has ordered these military accounts to be frozen and money back. This measure should also be applied to others who have received the money incorrectly.

Dataprev claims that 59 million people have received Emergency Aid and that contradiction accounts for less than 1% of this universe. The Company reiterated that those who omit data in the registry could be charged with perjury, as provided in the Penal Code.

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