EA opens the code for two games in the Command and Conquer | series Game

EA announced this week that it will open code for DLLs for two games in the Command and Conquer series of real-time strategy games: Command and conquer Tiberian Dawn (this is the first game in the series) and Red Warning Commands and Conquers. The release will, typically, allow changes to the game, known as a mod, to be made and distributed over the internet in a formal manner.

command and conquer

Publisher’s own disclosure of games originally released in the 1990s under GPL 3.0 license and will be delivered to players and modifiers at launch Command and Conquer Remastered Collection, which will launch on PC June 5 this year, includes reworking of the animations, along with support for 4K displays.

Curiously, this remake brings an exact developer remake of these same titles, with just the addition of all the expansions that came out in the lifecycle of the two games: Conversion operations, Counterstrike and Consequence.

The released codes can not only facilitate the work of the creators of changed versions of the game, but also ensure access for the programmer to create new maps, new units. and even change the toy map of either Commands and Conquests.

Creations can be shared within Steam, which will use the Steam studio, in addition to EA’s own game-selling platform, Origin. In it, finding the mod can be done in the game itself, but the installation is still a manual process for the player.

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