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THE apple is expanding the portfolio of assembled products in Brazil: more recent units in iPhone 11 is done in Foxconn in Jundiaí (SP) and the words “Brazilian Industry” on the back. Anatel confirmed that the new iPhone SE will also be assembled domestically.

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According to the MacMagazineFoxconn has been assembling the iPhone 11 in Brazil since February 2020. Some Apple customers notice the words “Industry Brazil” on the back of the phone and mention Foxconn do Brasil on the box.

Additionally, when you go to the Apple online store and put your iPhone 11 in the shopping bag, the URL shows that the product has a code ending with “BR” (such as MWLW2BR), indicating that it is assembled. in Brazil.

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iPhone XR is assembled in Brazil as well

The iPhone XR, made domestically from last year, also has a code that ends with “BR”. This does not apply to an iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max, which has a SKU with the “BZ” extension.

Anatel documents list Brazil’s Foxconn as one of the production units to assemble the new iPhone XR and iPhone SE; but do not mention this factory for iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max.

Anatel does not allow testing of iPhone 11 technical compliance documents: the agency claims that they are “analyzing”, possibly to insert references to the Foxconn plant in Jundiaí – initially, they are only imported, but began to be assembled domestically. .

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are no longer sold by Apple, but can be found in other retailers and also assembled in Brazil.

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