Widget Smith – The perfect app for users who love perfection

Ios 14 was released by Apple to users in September opened one of the big changes for the iPhone. The appearance of this software besides changing the interface for incoming calls, Siri, messages, maps, and especially, allows users to arrange applications in their own way. Apple has created more widgets so that users can select and personalize the home screen to a greater extent. However, the default widget provided by Apple is not really diverse and a bit monotonous. So, if you need to customize your widgets more brilliantly, download the Widgetsmith app – a program created by David Smith.

  • Widget Smith overview

Mặc dù là một ứng dụng khá mới trên Appstore nhưng Widget đang tạo nên một làn sóng tích cực trên các bảng xếp hạng ứng dụng. Đây là ứng dụng có sẵn trên App Store, rất dễ tải, truy cập và đặc biệt là hoàn toàn miễn phí. 


Widget Smith là một widget rất thú vị mà người dùng có thể sử dụng để tùy chỉnh màn hình chính của họ. Giao diện của ứng dụng này được đánh giá là khá đơn giản, với 3 cửa sổ chính là Widget, Tools và Settings. Người dùng sẽ chỉ cần chú ý đến cửa sổ đầu tiên – Widgets nếu chỉ cần tạo và tùy chỉnh Widget.

  • Tạo tiện ích con bằng Widget
  1. Certainly, users must download Widget Smith at the Appstore if they want to use this application. (LINK DOWNLOAD)
  2. Next, users open the application, select the Widget size (there are 3 options: small, medium, and large for the user). Please choose the right size of each Widget to have multiple Widgets on a home screen, making your phone look more lively and eye-catching. To do this, find and click Add Medium (Small or Large) in the lower section of each item.
  1. Widget Smith also allows users to change styles for each Widget. Users will have an option to choose Style > Front > Text Color > Background. This is considered one of the steps to make a “big difference” for your phone.
  1. Remember to always press the Save Widget before you want to use any custom Widget. Then, users go back to the home screen, hold any 1 icon, and select the plus sign on the screen to use the Widget.
  • How to add widgets to the home screen?
  1. Go to any page that you want to add Widget in iPhone, long-press on any app or empty space on the screen
  1. Click the “+” on the top right corner of the screen, scroll down, and select Widgetsmith.
  1. Select the size of the pre-made Widget, then select Add widget. Meanwhile, the created Widgets will appear and allow the user to use it. Your job is just ticking the Widget that you want to use only.
  1. Search for Widget Smith and select Widget Size
  1. Widget is completed at the home screen
  • A few notes when using Widget Smith
  • Widget Smith allows users to set up a specific album in the widget. Here, if the number of photos selected by the user is greater than two, the photos will be changed automatically.
  • Widget Smith probably won’t work on some phones. Please apply the following ways:
  • Verify that the iOS version is working on your phone. Widget Smith only works with iOS 14 and up.
  • iPhone security: Sometimes iOS will block strange actions/applications. Please check and allow your device to install Widget Smith.
  • Although Widget Smith is a completely free application, users can pay extra to experience other unique features.

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