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Overview about Human: Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat is a platform – puzzle video game developed by Lithuania’s No Brakes Games and marketed by Curve Digital. This game was released for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems and in July 2016. After nearly a year, until May 2017, this game was available for PS4 & Xbox One version. Until mid-2019 (June 26, 2019), 505 Games have just released this game for both iOS and Android platforms, thanks to the help of Codeglue.


In terms of game content, the player will meet Bob – the protagonist who falls into an area filled with logic puzzles that he needs to solve in order to escape. Besides solving difficult puzzles, players also have to master Bob. Bob is a character without bones. He is often unable to stand up and difficult to control. This is one of the things that makes the game so interesting when players not only feel funny but are also inhibited by Bob.

Features of Human: Fall Flat

  • Allows playing Multiplayer up to 8 people

Players can create a public/private room when there is a need to play multiplayer. All players in the same room will be transformed into Bob, will be swinging, jumping, swaying, or stumbling together. There will be a lot of interesting things waiting for players to explore.

  • Customize the character

Human: Fall Flat allows players to customize their characters. Players can choose colors, add vignettes, or put your face on Bob via webcam. There are a variety of pre-made colors or customizations built into the game for players to freely choose and create.

  • Unlimited replay

One of the fun things about playing this game is that players never die. After being dropped to the ground, not only the player but also the objects will be reappeared. This will allow players to unleash creativity and experiment with a lot of options to succeed. Feel free to act and create your own way

  • Master the art of “wobbling” and parkour

Players can completely walk (in straight lines), jump, climb or do whatever they want. However, mastering these moves will be the first challenge that players have to master in this game.

How to install Human: Fall Flat?

  • Option 1: Pay to buy the game
  1. Make sure your phone has enough space to install Human: Fall Flat
  2. Select a form of payment for in-app purchases
  3. Go to CH Play or App Store and search “Human: Fall Flat”
  4. Click on the app, purchase, and wait till the download process complete
  5. You can click here to directly access the download site
  • Option 2: Free to download
  1. Make sure your phone has enough space to install Human: Fall Flat
  2. Access and directly download the game here
  1. Wait for the download to finish and install
  2. Launch the game


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